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The Virgin Of Greenbrier

Behind the closed doors and high stone walls of Greenbrier Plantation, the lessons taught are anything but traditional.

With the admission of one haughty and spoiled young lady, the establishment is turned on its head, pitting the Head Master and his newest charge against each other in a battle of stubborn and fiery wills. The stakes are high. The winner retains control. The loser must surrender to a life of total submission and slavery.  

Mistress Of Greenbrier

With the Civil War knocking at its door, Greenbrier Plantation faces a new set of rules and its Mistress isn’t about to surrender peacefully.

In the absence of her husband, who is serving in the Confederacy, the Mistress of Greenbrier takes matters into her own cruel hands as Union Troops mount her doorstep. Though more than up for the task, she soon discovers it’s not going to be that easy. War, passions, and treason drive the household towards a bullet-riddled future from which not all will escape.

Mistress For Sale

Le Chateau de la Rose Noire is hardly the place for a romantic honeymoon, unless your love life leans towards the dark and deviant.

What was meant as an escape from the US Civil War, quickly descends into a series of new lessons in humility and submission. But, classes are cut short when one of the teachers is taken captive by a former member of the Chateau’s staff who plans on selling her to the highest bidder. Can the Mistress be rescued in time or will she live out her final days a White slave?