No Rest For The Wicked

Every ghost has a story. Not all of them want it told.

A sadistic doctor hell bent on controlling both the living and the dead, would rather keep his final year of life a closed book. It’s a classic ghost story with a twist; it’s told, in part, by the ghosts themselves.

Review: “If you're looking for a chilling ghost story filled with mystery and escalating tension, look no further. No Rest for the Wicked is the real deal - an expansive, unfolding riddle between the living and the dead.” Hunter Shea – author of “Tortures of the Damned” & “The Montauk Monster”.

Secrets Of The Scarecrow Moon

A mysterious death sends one investigator deep into her hometown’s dark and bloody past.

It’s a past the local coven of witches would rather keep buried. Can justice be served or will the witches succeed in keeping their centuries-old secrets intact?

Review: “Her descriptions of people, places, emotions and events ride that elusive line between too sparse and too verbose. Furthermore, Pam has an extraordinary ability to tell a story…” Dr. S.C. Meyers

That's What Shadows Are Made Of

Everyone thought the local undertaker was such a nice guy, until someone murdered him.

As the police look for a flesh and blood killer, a witches’ coven discovers dark magic may be the culprit. Is the shadowy figure being seen around town stalking for its next victim real or something much more diabolical? 

Review: “I never saw the ending coming. Once I got the book I couldn't put it down. … I'm hooked!” E.E. Conrad