No Rest For The Wicked

Every ghost has a story. Not all of them want it told.

A double murder and suicide ended the horrors taking place at Greenbrier Plantation in 1882, but they're only the beginning when it comes to finding out why they happened at all.

A jealous wife hell bent on revenge, a powerless domestic who once feared for her life, and a doctor and the master of the house who puts more faith in the teaching of de Sade than the Bible, all battle for control over who stays and who goes as the outside world tries time and again to restore the old house.

When Eric and Grace McLaughlin purchase Greenbrier, their dreams to restore the place are as big as those who have come before them, but the sadistic physician has learned a thing or two over the years and Eric soon becomes the unwilling pawn of Beau’s narcissism and growing power.

Enter WhiSPeR, The Winchester Society of Paranormal Research. Could the solution lie within the humble ranks of this group of amateur ghost hunters? Is there any force strong enough to put to rest the wickedness that demands complete control, not just over Greenbrier Plantation, but the very body and soul of Eric McLaughlin.

A classic ghost story told, in part, by the ghosts themselves.