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I honestly did not think doing a rewrite was going to take so long or prove to be so stressful when I embarked on the journey. After being out of print for over two years we are finally on the home stretch of Blood of the Scarecrow officially becoming Secrets of the Scarecrow Moon. I’m very pleased with the rewrites. I never cared for the original title. I did, however, adore the original cover art. And there were things missing from the original that I never developed as much as I’d wanted to. This gave me a chance to fix things. As much as I still like the cover of Blood of the Scarecrow, I felt a change was needed there as well to go along with everything else.

And now we wait for a Proof to arrive for that final chance to fix and change.

Truth be told, I’m bone-weary of dealing with this book. I think I’ve read it at least ten times and will have to read it at least one more time before it is approved for the masses. I’m proud of the work we’ve done on this and I couldn’t have done it without the help of my darling fiance who keeps me sane when all I want to do is run screaming and flailing my arms out into the middle of the street.

The article image is the new cover we came up with. I really like it. We’ll see how it come out on the Proof. Things never look quite the same.


And to tease you more, the official blurb.

For nearly two-hundred years the sleepy, little town of Barnesville has kept a secret, several in fact. Had it not been for the gruesome death of Peter Wakely, those secrets may have remained hidden another two centuries. Detective Sergeant Simon Michaels and his assistant, Angela Jennings, are two of the first on the scene. Angie grew up in Barnesville and almost immediately suspects that not all is as it appears to be. Without the help of police, who rule the death an accident, Angie takes it upon herself to investigate.

The more she digs into the victim’s life and the role his family played in the founding of the town, the more bizarre things become. The town historian and librarian, a good friend of Angie’s mother and a self-proclaimed witch, is reluctant to discuss matters until after the passing of the Scarecrow Moon.

Vivid and gruesome dreams and uncanny hunches begin to plague Angie until eventually she must face one of her deepest fears to unravel the mystery, break the spell, and reveal the dark secrets of the Scarecrow Moon; secrets laced with blood, witchcraft, and at least one scarecrow that refuses to stay where it should.

Gotta watch out for them scarecrows!

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