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My book That’s What Shadows Are Made Of was featured in a brief write-up in Cornell University Libraries on-line newsletter, “Kaleidoscope” this month.

“Published under her mystery writer’s pseudonym, Pamela Morris, Pam Clearwater’s new novel, That’s What Shadows Are Made Of (CreateSpace Independent Publishing, 2015) came out in December. Reprising some of the same characters who appeared in her 2013 novel, Blood of the Scarecrow, Pam once again merges murder, mayhem, and the occult in a fictitious small-town setting in Upstate New York. This time it’s the village funeral director who gets bludgeoned and stuffed into a coffin to die! As the book’s cover blurb relates: “Lies, confessions, and long-held secrets mix with the fine art of witchcraft, as the local police and a nearby coven both struggle to bring a killer to justice.” The novel is available on Amazon.”



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